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Hoteru 3 - Casting Couch - 肉体交易 02 (Video)

Hoteru 3 - Casting Couch - 肉体交易 02 (Video)

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#Full Nudity, #Full Frontal, #Cumshot, #Anal, #Uncensored, #Fingering, #Erect

Hoteru 3 - Casting Couch - 肉体交易 02

不到一会儿功夫,祥贺就勃起,而导演就为祥贺进行口交。导演口交的技术真不输祥贺的前女友,反而更厉害。导演再接再厉,盛祥贺性奋的时候,把手指伸进祥贺肛门,祥贺忍着痛也没把他手推开,只是随着导演的手指进出,发出有节奏的痛喊声 “啊啊啊。。!”

Hoteru 3 – Casting Couch
Xiang He looked in the mirror silently, and used the eyebrow pencil to fill up his eyebrows for a stronger look, putting on the final touches for his magazine cover shoot.
Xiang He has recently been elevated into the popular actor list after starring in a hit film "Tofu Street", all because he played the leading actor in that movie, which broke the Hong Kong box office record.
Xiang He recalled that just a year ago, he was a virtual unknown actor until he gave his first time to Director Chen in exchange for the opportunity to star in his movie.
At the door of the hotel, Xiang He clenched his fists nervously, then took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. The door opened, and a man in a bathrobe opened the door and said kindly: "I'm glad you can come, come in quickly".
Xiang He: "Hello Director!"
Xiang He walk into the hotel room and sat at the foot of the bed, and the director poured him a glass of champagne, Xiang He drank it in one glup.
Director: "Don't be nervous".
The director puts on a blindfold on Xiang He, and then gently supports Xiang He’s body to lie down. The director gently reached into Xiang He's cardigan and touched Xiang He's chest. When the director unhinged Xiang He's belt and unbutton his trousers, Xiang He did not resist. He allowed the Director to do as he please, because he was already mentally prepared. Even though this was the first time he is going to have sex with a man, he had already prepared himself to play a passive sex slave in this liaison, and he could at best bear with the pain of being penetrated. After that, the lead role to the movie would be his.
The Director took off Xiang He's trousers, then pulled up his clothes to show Xiang He's chest, and then gently suck Xiang He's nipples. It feeling was so wonderful, Xiang He’s breathing deepened,
While licking Xiang He's nipples, the Director reaches into Xiang He's briefs and gently played with Xiang He's dick. The feeling was so arousing, Xiang He couldn't hold back an embarrassing moan.
Within moments, Xiang He had an erection, and the Director performed oral sex on him. The Director’s blow job was even more satisfying than the one Xiang He's ex-girlfriend gave him. The Director persistent efforts soon got Xiang He sexually arouse and wanting more. Next, he inserted his fingers gently into Xiang He's anus. Xiang He endured with the discomfort and didn't resist the Director’s attempt at finger fucking his ass. As the Director's fingers went in and out, Xiang He made a rhythmic cry of pain, "Ahhhhh. .!"
One finger gradually turned into two fingers was inserted into Xiang He's anus.
The pain was a bit unbearable but Xiang He couldn’t bring himself to ask the Director to stop. Anyway, the Director seemed to be sexually possessed and couldn’t hear any of Xiang He’s pleading, so he continued to insert the dildo deeper. The thrusting could only become increasingly faster and harder until Xiang He was moaning and writhing in pleasure.
When the Director paused for a moment, the feeling changed from pain to pleasure (like the sensation of peeing), and then from pleasure to orgasm.
When Xiang He's face turned into crimson red colour with pleasure, the Director pulled out the dildo and inserted his erect dick into Xiang He, and gave him a series of hard thrust.
Xiang He was tossed around like a rag doll, and fucked in all the various sexual position.
After the Director had enough, he masturbated Xiang He until he shot his load, and then the Director shot his sperm all over Xiang He's chest to call it a day.
Xiang He was awakened by the photographer's urging: "Xiang He, are you ready?"
Xiang He: "Almost!"
Photographer: "When you are done, come over here!"
Xiang He stood up and walked away from the dressing table towards the photographer.


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    Content #Full Nudity, #Full Frontal, #Cumshot, #Anal, #Uncensored, #Fingering, #Erect
    Category Photobook Video
    Country Other
    Year 2021
    Director Style House
    Cast No
    Language Chinese
    Subtitle Chinese , English
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration 00:11:22
    Resolution 720P
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