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RENT BOY 出租男孩 (Ebook + Video)

RENT BOY 出租男孩 (Ebook + Video)

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#Full Nudity, #Uncensored

This Combo Package includes
Ebook: 125 Pages
Video 1: 13:40 Minutes
Video 2: 13:55 Minutes


Keith stood by the underground tunnel waiting for potential client to walk by, when a guy walks by, Keith gave him the come on looks and flaunt his skinny frame boldly. The client walks up, touch his dick, ask for his fees.

After chatting for a while, Keith asked for $100 for his sex services. But Keith was a bit apprehensive cause it was his first foray as a Rent Boy, but he needed the money so bad to pay his school fees. Client asked if he is willing to do anything and Keith nodded his head in agreement and said anything. Keith followed the client home. 

At the client’s home, Keith change into a white leotard and lay on the mattress, the client just stripped him, oiled him and gave him a blow job. The excited client gave him a blow job, rim him and suckle his nipples.

As the client got turn on, he shoved a butt plug into his tight ass. Keith felt a sharp pain in his ass and wanted to protest but he decided against it and instead grimace in pain. In the end, the client sodomised Keith and after the initial pain, Keith was actually enjoying the sex.

After being paid, Keith was ready for more and left the client’s house with a sore ass.



聊了一會後,Keith向他索要 100 新元的性服務費。但Keith有點擔心,因為這是他第一次嘗試做出租男孩,但他非常需要這筆錢來支付學費。客戶問他是否願意做任何事情,Keith 點頭表示同意,然後說什麼都行。Keith便跟著客戶回家。

在客戶家裡,Keith 換上白色緊身連衣褲躺在床墊上,客戶幫他脫光衣服,給他上油,然後給他口交。兴奋的客戶也給他按摩,然後吸他的乳頭。



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Additional Information
    Content #Full Nudity, #Uncensored
    Category Photobook Video
    Country Other
    Year 2022
    Director Style House
    Cast No
    Language Chinese
    Subtitle Chinese , English
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration 00:13:55
    Resolution 720P
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